The benefits of cardamom for its well-known antibacterial and simultaneous anti-inflammatory effect are packaged as a convenient spray that helps cuts and wounds to heal easily becoming your home companion for first aid at a time of need.

Recovereez Forte DR (Anti Inflammatory Capsules)


Recovereez Forte DR capsules contain encapsulated extracts of pure cardamom and rosemary that have high anti-inflammatory properties and beneficial effects for respiratory diseases that afford rapid recovery from symptoms of cough, sore throat, throat pain, nasal, and oral secretions.

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Recovereez LIV (Promoting Liver Health)


Recovereez Liv capsules contain potent extracts of cardamom and rosemary, known for promoting liver health with their bioactive compounds. Enhanced with L-Citrulline, these capsules offer an effective solution for fatty liver concerns and overall liver support. Leveraging the synergistic potential of these ingredients, Recovereez Liv capsules provide a promising approach to maintaining a healthy liver.


Potent extracts of cardamom and rosemary for powerful liver support

Amplified effectiveness with the addition of L-Citrulline

Targeted solution for addressing fatty liver concerns

Comprehensive support for overall liver health

Convenient and effective approach to maintaining liver well-being

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Recovereez DIAB (Managing Diabetes Complications)


Recovereez -Diab capsules contain extracts of cardamom and rosemary, as well as Alpha Lipoic acid, which enhances their benefits. This unique combination offers substantial advantages to individuals facing complications related to Diabetes, including improved insulin resistance. By harnessing the potent anti-inflammatory properties of cardamom and rosemary, along with the additional effects of Alpha Lipoic acid, Recovereez -Diab capsules present a promising solution for managing complications associated with diabetes.


Improved insulin resistance, helping to regulate blood sugar levels more effectively.

Anti-inflammatory properties of cardamom and rosemary, reducing inflammation associated with diabetes.

Promotion of overall well-being and enhanced quality of life.

Utilization of natural ingredients, providing a holistic and gentle approach to diabetes management.

Potential for effectively managing various complications associated with diabetes, minimizing risks and improving overall health.

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